Priestor Solutions
Priestor is a software development house with focus to enterprise business process automation systems, software design, consulting and professional services. Founded by a few young professionals with a burning desire for knowledge and excellence with down to earth customer oriented philosophy tuned them to provide unique solutions to their customer. Our dedicated professionals provide cutting edge services based on The Three fold path of security, simplicity and convenience.
Chronicle Plus Services
  • ASP.Net Development with C#
  • .Net Framework 4.0 (MVC, Azure etc)
  • Application / Web Development and maintenance
  • Biometrics device integrated applications etc.
  • Performance Management Tools.
  • SCADA, HMI etc
  • Customize Electronic
  • Hardware development
  • GPS
  • Process Study
Chonicle Plus Family Products
Tracking System
Effective Tracking Solution tool for small, medium and Big enterprise
As end-user organizations migrate from on-premise software to Software as a Service
  • Health Care
  • Distribution
  • Service
  • Consumer Products
  • Real-Estate & Construction
  • Logistics Service Provider
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
12 JANUARY 2012
Launching GPS based online tracker